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Sunday, November 23, 2008
He is such a gentle guy!!!

Sorry I haven't been blogging here.. XD Was blogging over at the other blog.. XDD Guess what, I had crazy experiences today!! Actually, is since last week.. XD But today it's the most extreme!! Coz, I got to chat with HIM!! It's like HIM! YOU KNOW?? HIM!! LOL~ ok you donno.. I know can le.. =D


We are having a BIG MASS CONVO with a soccer team (11 People) over on the other side..

And we were having so much fun teasing those two lovely birds~ XDD

Aww their story is soooooooooo sweeet!!!!!!!!!!!! *envious*

I hope good thing will come out from them ne~

Then my friend helped me to get "him" up to chat with me.




It's like very late in the place over in Japan already, and he is still yasashii enough to purposely come up and chat with me..

He greeted me and introduced himself. But I didn't reply at first, because I was too shocked to.. But my friends keep calling me up to chat with him.. Aww I feel so bad.. But I was really not in the right state of mind.. =(

Then he called for me, then ask me if I am alright.

But I said I don't know.. XD

Then he said he heard that I said he didn't chat with me moments ago, so he purposely came up and chat to me.. *DEAD TOTAL DEAD*

Then I said sorry I was just joking. I seriously didn't think he will take this for serious and purposely come up and talk to me. Because, I am just such a small person on this world, and he actually cared for me. Okies I am imagining, crap I am just a nobody to anyone. LOL

He said he heard that I like him, and is happy. He continued asking what I am doing.

I said I was just chatting..

He asked for my birthdate, so I replied 30th Dec..

He says he got it. Then because it's really late over there and he had to wake up early tomorrow, so he had to go sleep.

I said Sorry for making him come up.

He said It's okie, and he is really happy.

So I said I was happy too, and thanked him for this.

he said welcome, and he greeted goodbye and left..

P.S/ He said he will try and come up to chat with me if he has the time..


He actually told my friend that he is not used to me being like this, I mean quiet.. Because my friend told him I am a very High person and he was a bit shocked that I was behaving like this so he asked me if I am alright. OMG SUCH A YASASHII GUY!!! *Hearts*

Okies I shall be crazy next time I talk to him. He asked me to get high, don't be shy~

Okies I will!!


Love ya~

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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Dreams come true~ XD

hahaha yes again.. this time round it's.....................................


or well, should be rokuro from 33 pun tantei.. XD

I dreamt a lot last night, but I'll just write the part I remembered about with tsuyo.. XD

okie so tsuyo (rokuro to be specific) and me and the drama staffs, we were filming 33 pun tantei at this riverside or something.. then there was this scene that tsuyo is supposed to pour a cup of red drink into the river and I'll follow him do the same thing or something.. LOL so both of us had a cup of red colored drink in our hands.. then the scene started filming, so tsuyo pour the drink, then I think he realised he did something wrong (which I can't figure out what's wrong.. LOL) then I was like, changing the script and just patting on his hair (like how koichi always do on tsuyo when he did something funny/wrong) then tsuyo was trying hard not to laugh.. but he couldn't take it eventually and laugh out.. LOL~ so all of us had a great laugh and had an NG.. XD that's part is really funny and cute because it's totally ROKURO+TSUYOSHI!! LOL~ the face is really so real like how tsuyo will do in reality.. XD and yaya he's in the suit with short pants and high socks and the specs and the hair, so 100% rokuro san.. XD then after a long period of laugh, we are resuming the filming, so I told tsuyoshi, I'll add this scene into the filming so you don't laugh ar.. LOL then tsuyo was like bursting into laughing again and said okie or something and he mentioned that this pating action koichi always do.. (so that's the reason for his sudden laugh? he thought of koichi when i pat him?? LOL *hearts*) tsuyo is really soooooooooooooooooooo cute in the dream!! *hearts hearts hearts* then we continue filming or something.. then is like koichi caught a cold right? and they having concert in fukuoka now right? so I was dreaming also that tsuyo has a cold and is going to fukuoka soon by a plane.. but the director or who suddenly ask him to jump down the river and OMG tsuyo did it like almost immediately.. LOL (where did he get his guts from? LOL) then I was shouting, hey prepare towel and dry tsuyo!! and I got a shock as well.. LOL~ then we went to another place and there's a lot people and I can't remember if there's tsuyo/kinki.. LOL~ so that's the end.. XD

yeah =) finally a dream about tsuyo.. it totally made me love tsuyo more when i woke up.. =)

and I was watching iryu today (i bought for 1 dollar.. XD) it's so nice!! gosh~ the surgery scene is so real!! LOL~

btw, tsuyo looks like he's loving me or something in the dream.. XD *goes mad* I LOVE YOU TOO!! XDD

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Monday, September 29, 2008
happy weekend~~

2 things to blog about today.. XD

1. New clothes
2. Dreams

hahaha~ okies so yesterday morning went for my piano lesson, followed by meeting lyn to go school for singing lessons.. haha I was having quite a bad attitude because I really don't like the attitude of the juniors.. I mean I'm a very straight forward person, if you don't want to perform just say so and I will not include you, that's as easy. I mean I don't like people to force me to do something and thus I will not do so to others too. If I force people to perform, then the purpose would have been twisted, a performance is done to let you enjoy, let the bonding between the performers build, if you are not happy doing the performance then don't do it in the first place. The juniors seem to have a lot to say, but when I ask them what they want not much comments were received, so how? expect me to have mind-reading superpowers? LOL I wished I had one though. But anyway, I work in a very simple manner, you respect me, I will treat you what you deserve, if you don't, then don't blame me for my irritating attitude. I'm the mentor, though my age might be smaller than some of you, but I will give the necessary respect if you give me some. I don't like to repeat myself for 4 times and you give me that fucking face. okie this only direct to one junior, and she is totally another copy of another friend-become-enemy I used to have. I really feel like slapping her when she give me those kind of faces, I don't know, maybe that's her, but I just don't like it. But anyway don't talk about her, something will come out eventually.. LOL

Okie then I went home, then we went to bugis temple, I bought flowers in because I was supposed to do so last time but didn't have enough cash on hand so I bought them this time round.. (my wallet only has 5 dollars left.. T___T need to eat cheaper things tomorrow..) then went shopping at OG.. and YEAH!! the happy part is here!! LOL~ I bought 2 hoody clothes!! XDD one is a hoody shirt and another one a hoody short sleeves jacket.. I've been looking for short sleeves jacket and I don't know if anyone knows, I love HOODY clothes.. XDDDD that's why I have tonnes of jacket at home.. all with hood.. XDDD just love it! XDDD LOL~ the hoody jacket used to cost 59.90 and the sales started that day and I got it for 19.90, same for the other one, and there's still an additional 10% discount so one shirt cost around 17 dollars!! that's a great good deal!! XDD yeah~ so happy.. XDD and the auntie assistant made me happy too.. LOL after I went to try on the clothes and came back and decided to buy, she tell me:

"You look very young.. are you 16 or 17?"

"haha no lah, 19"

"your face looks very young.. you actually look very pretty, you should slim down, drink more water, eat less meat and drink less gasy drinks"

"yaya I know.. =)"

hahaha~ this is like one of the few times someone commented I looked younger than my age.. haha~ yeah I'm in the process to slim down and yeah ganbarimasu!! =)

Next, dreams again hahahahahahaa~ (audiences: NOT AGAINNNNNNNNNN)

okie so I was having a nap just now in the afternoon, then my mum woke me up to bath, and when I went back to sleep, the sweet dream came!! XDDD okie I dreamt that I was in this school.. then there's HSJ in my dream.. and yuto said something and I said something which I can't remember.. then I saw ryosuke.. and in the dream I was angry with him again.. LOL then we didn't talk or something.. This time round is like sorta continue from the previous dream, remember the previous dream I said that going into a relationship with him isn't that bad? I think in this dream we are already in a relationship.. LOL so I was angry with him for something.. XD then suddenly we were in my room.. and there's like a toy, which can walk by itself from hearing the direction from a person (like you say go right the toy will go right or something) so the toy ran out of the room and we went out chasing it as well, I was shouting the directions for it and he did follow and we are now in this office-lookalike outdoor area.. LOL~ okie that's quite imaginative.. XD so we were running here and there.. then suddenly I am in the process of going home from the school.. so I walked away.. ryosuke saw me walking away and thus he took the toy with him and followed me.. I think we looked at each other for a moment and he was holding a DS-lookalike remote (I think it's for that toy) and trying to pass it to me but because he didn't open his mouth to talk to me so I walked away towards the school gate.. I know he was following me and thus I was slowing down my speed for him.. But he didn't came up to me.. so when I was at few steps before the school gate, I turned around to see if he's there and yes he is, and so I quickly look back front again.. but I turned back to ask him


"%Y(*#%&)(@#%&()#%*()#&%()%&#)( " passes me a NDS Card

haha he's speaking a language which I can't understand, I don't think he's speaking japanese, it sounded really foreign to me.." but I sorta make my way to understand it as, he's giving me the NDS card (to control that toy?? and where did the toy gone? I thought he was holding it? it became a NDS card? LOL), and asking me to pass him my DS which I was holding in my hands or something.. then before I am able to do so, there came a few uncles doing funny poses beside ryosuke, and so ryosuke followed them to pose those funny actions and it's really hilarious and it made me smile.. =D and after a very long time of posing and me smiling, there was a door that is closing between me and ryosuke.. it looked kinda like a bus but hey I'm infront of a school gate and why is the bus there? LOL~ okie let's heck about what the door is.. but the door is closing and I'm seeing lesser and lesser of the area ryosuke is in!! and I keep moving and peaking inside to see ryosuke and suddenly there's this huge man which pushed me away (as if I'm some fangirl blocking the way of the artiste) and I fell down.. and yeah you can imagine ryosuke's face and reactions when he sees that, so he ran out of the door.. and the image I had when I fell down was, I am wearing a helmet (LOL I am not riding a motorcyle please.. LOL) and seems like the impact of the knock of my head (with helmet) on the floor was quite big that I was a bit unconsious.. but after ryosuke helped me up and sent me to another place, seems like the reason for my unconsious-ness is that something from the sky dropped down and hit my head.. (and yeah that must be a really great object since it's able to penetrate the helmet I was wearing and hit my head..) and when I woke up, I was in my parent's room.. but it's a HIGH TECH version.. LOL what I mean is there's LCD tv on the wall, equipments which they use to examine and such.. and while I was regaining consious, I heard them saying things like I'm not a normal human, I am actually some erm "made humans" or something? robots? couldn't catch the phrase but just like some RPG/drama, I am some kind of experiment they made.. LOL and that I have only a year to survive after this knock on the head (woah so we can conclude this is really a very big object.. LOL) and sadly, because I have to wake up to bath and go out for dinner.. I had to stop this dream.. T_________________T

Please let me continue my dreams tonight!!!!! Onegai~~~~~~~~~~~ LOL~

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Long and busy weekend + pics update

it's been a very long weekend for me.. hmm.. okies so on saturday, my parents went back malaysia, because my grandpa passed away.. so I was alone at home as my brother is only coming back that day from genting.. so morning I went to meet my sis for breakfast at mac, then wait for my friend to pass her things.. then I went for piano lessons.. then went home.. rest a while and went out again, took my endli-x stuffs from big sis!! =) yeah! my phamplet, calender and mobile strap.. =P then went novena with my sis.. ate lunch at waraku.. then the soup was cold, so we commented to the manager, he changed for us, then gave us free ice cream to compensate.. =) yeah coz my sis actually said she wanted to eat some ice cream, so we saved on that money!! XD then we went home.. rest a while and went to sun plaza to had dinner.. then went home..

then on sunday, woke up early in the morning, as we going to Waseda Shibuya Senior High School's Open House (it's our Local japanese school).. we got lost on the way.. =( LOL then we managed to get there eventually though.. first I got my yamada poster from gen!! yeah~ finally~~ gonna find a time to put the poster up.. XDDD then we went to the bazaar, I grabbed 6 dramas at a dollar each!! XD need to find time to watch them though.. T___T then we basically was quite bored because this is my 4th time there already.. and it gets more crowded and crowded each year so basically we were quite reluctant to queue up for each highlights.. then we basically were finding seats to sit as we can.. LOL~

then after that we went to watch kurosagi!! XD haha~ was waiting and sitting before the movie starts.. grabbed some donuts first as we were hungry.. =P then we bought popcorns and drinks and went in~ hmm.. basically the movie storyline isn't that fascinating, because 3 out of 4 of us were of a bit yamapi fangirl, so it's still alright for us.. I got very confused on how he cheated that guy.. LOL and yamapi pointing middle fingers 2 times were cool~!!! XD and the elevator part was seriously scary.. LOL~ and maki is a total extra in it.. =X she basically was just inside because she acted in the drama, her role was actually not really needed.. LOL and her friend as well.. LOL this is quite bad I guess.. XD but well, with yamapi, it could save the movie.. XD

then we had dinner at waraku, yeah again~ LOL~ because there was newly open ones over at the opposite buidling where we watched movie, so we went to have dinner there.. we went into the traditional waraku as the pasta waraku was quite full.. i had curry udon.. T___T not that nice.. except the prawn.. the cheese is NOT MELTING!!!!!!! T____________T *felt so cheated by looking at the photos* next time I will try the creamy ones.. =P then had a really long dinner there.. XD crapping lots.. XD then we went HMV a while before heading home..

then on monday, my bro and me took boat home to malaysia to attend my grandpa's funeral.. and we came back today.. it's really sad to see all my relatives faces, as if they are so happy, counting the money and such.. haiz nevermind, I am lazy to mention about them here so let's go on to pics spam!! LOL~

the sushi I made weeks ago.. ahh I need to brush up my skills..

hana yori dango I watced weeks ago too.. very nice movie~~~

our lunch table at waseda shibuya school...

our lunch..

my dessert.. this is very nice!! aww~ I miss it~~

I thought the 2 guys kinda look like KinKi so I took a pic of it.. don't you think so?? XD


opps who is this ugly girl.. LOL that's yamada poster!!! XD

we looked kinda photoshoped.. LOL~ but we took the pics together!!! LOL~

the view from one of the classroom..

is this a spelling mistake or...??

the one dollar dramas.. XD

yeah all one dollar!!

my goodies.. XD

my new bag which I got at 10 dollars!! XD

is very nice to put things too!! XD


me with yamapi.. XD and when my friend wanna take pic too we got stopped by the security.. T__T

the not so nice curry udon.. LOL

the oishii cream udon my friends had.. the bowl is super big btw, you probably can't see from this pic..

there you go, the normal chop sticks can't even be put on the middle of the bowl and only at the side, this is how big the bowl is.. XD

haha yeah that's about it.. I needa go sleep already.. T___T


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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Dreams and dreams~

yeah once again.. had a really SWEET dream yesterday!! haha~ seriously it's sweet.. =D How good if it was in reality? LOL~

okies so let's start!!

erm.. so in the dream.. I was at this place.. then suddenly I saw someone lying on the floor, with a closer look, it's yamada!! ahh~ so I went near him, kneel down and hugged him in my arms (and I actually repeated this quite a few times... LOL as if we are filming for drama) then asked him, are you okie?? then at this moment, hikaru walked pass.. LOL yes yaotome hikaru.. LOL~~ he walked pass with a cheeky smile on his face and just ignoring the yamada on the floor.. LOL heartless guy.. but thinking now, probably it's hikaru's tactic to ask yamada lie down on the floor to attract my attention.. for why? you may ask, please read ahead.. XD then I was hugging him real close to me.. (ahh I can still feel it.. really.. ^-^ )  then he was looking really cute!! gosh~ with the fringe and big black eyes and smooth skin (opps is this getting to hentai? LOL) he looked really delicious!! LOL!!!!!!! then I think he was alright..

okies let me answer that question now.. LOL I don't know how it came about, but suddenly yamachan was telling me that he fell in love with me or something.. because in the dream, we know each other very long already, and I knew he had no such feelings for me.. but then suddenly after that "hug", he said something like he likes me.. haha~ but based on my personality now, of course I wasn't really surprised or something.. I was calm.. because I had no interest in love.. LOL~ so I was really calm to him and seems like he's starting on to try to make me like him.. XDDDDDDDD

so I went inside a bus or something.. and him too, but I don't know why he's sitting real far from me.. and there's a lot of people between us.. but still, there's still a line of vision between us.. we can still see each other.. but I can feel that yamachan is very sad.. haha~ then suddenly my phone rang, so I picked it up, but LOL it's wrong number by some random indian girl or something.. then when I was on the phone, yamachan's eyes was filled with jealousy.. LOL~ I could see because remember? there's a "LINE" of vision between us.. and it's really that narrow.. haha~ and when I was on the phone, yamachan was trying to call somebody from his phone, I predicted he's calling me.. LOL~ so right after I hanged the line off the indian girl, I received yamachan's call.. LOL~ guess what?!?! it's really sooooooo cute!!! his voice.. haha~ I never have ever imagined my dream to be so accurate.. LOL~ because it's really a boy's voice, with still some kiddish tone in it.. LOL it's very cute~~!! and he's speaking in chinese!! ahh~~ Now I wanna hear the REAL yamachan speak chinese!! XD so here's our conversation:

"who called you?" yamachan is really jealous.. LOL


"it's a guy or girl?" LOL yamachan is really anxious.. LOL i haven't even answered the first question.. LOL

"you guess lor~"

"heh!!! %#)(%)#(Q%&*"

and I can't remember the rest of the conversation.. LOL~

then we got down the bus or what, so we are in this shopping centre or something.. and I wanna go toilet.. LOL~ so we are in this super duper dirty toilet.. and it's very very very very disgusting!!!!!!!! ahh~~~~~~~ i don't know why I always dream of dirty toilets.. T________T *and I always dream of toilet when I'm urgent for a toilet* XDDDDDDD and 100% the toilets are occupied if not it's dirty till I don't wanna use.. haha because in reality I'm not really in a toilet, so if I dream that I managed to get into the toilet, I'll be in deep trouble.. LOL.. so yamachan accompanied my parents to go elsewhere while waiting for me.. LOL (haven't even gone steady and he met my parents?!?!! LOL~~~~~~) so I was really urgent and I decided to go to another toilet.. and yeah same thing happen again.. no toilets~ LOL~ and I got really urgent so i woke up and went toilet and that's the end of the story..

NO WAIT~~~~~~~~~~~ it's not ended yet!!!!!!! LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~

okies I think not many people know, that I have the ability to continue my dreams even after I woke up.. LOL~ and in the middle I even got disturbed by my mother asking me whether I wanna go market.. but because I dreamt of yamachan and I wanna continue dreaming, I decided not to go.. LOL~~ so I continued my dreams.. and yeah after finally went to the toilet.. I never dream of toilet again.. LOL~

so yeah continue the dream, then I met up with yamachan.. then suddenly I feel he's sooo cute and lovely.. LOL~ then he's a bit shorter than me.. then suddenly I have this feeling, "to go into relationship with him is not bad too.."  then while I was thinking of this, something pop into my mind.. "if I go into relationship with him, does that mean it's a long distance relationship?!??! since he's in Japan and I'm in Singapore.."  but well.. in the dream I was really feeling shiawase.. that such cute little boy fell in love with me or something.. (ahh.. I don't have a preference for kids don't misunderstand!! LOL~) just that, after being in a few "not even started relationship" and having bad memory on them, I was really discouraged towards love already.. haha but this dream really made me feel positive and optimistic again like I once used to be.. thanks to yamachan~~ although it only applies to the me in dreams.. haha~ and well, it's time my bladder get urgent again and I woke up to go toilet again and it's the end of the story..

haha~ it's really the end.. LOL~ because I didn't had time to dream more because it's time for me to go for piano lesson!! haha~

then went for piano lesson.. my teacher is down with heavy flu too.. gosh why is everybody getting sicked?? the whether nowadays is seriously very bad.. then came home play DS then went to causeway point with my mum and sis.. lol~ then came back cooked and eat now I am here watching tv~ =D haha~ 33 pun tantei~~ =D speaking of that, tsuyo shaved his hair!! gosh~ both sides of his hair.. LOL~ straight after the end of the filming.. LOL~ he's seriously, cannot remain with one hair style for long.. LOL~ haha okies~ I'm still planning my Japan trip.. sha where are you~~~~ let's start planning le!! =D and I need to study for JLPT!! ahH~


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
World is small~

haha why the title? LOL~ because few days back I found out that my classmate mark and laopa are in the same bunk in army.. LOL

that day laopa come ask me whether I know mark, then I asked isit that cannot speak chinese mark? he says yes.. haha~ then laopa says they same bunk since start of army liao.. LOL.. although I know they same date go in, but I didn't know really such a coincidence they same.. LOL~ both failed napfa right? LOL~ then I asked how they talk about me, then laopa says they were chatting during 24km then mark asked him what cca laopa is in, so laopa said japanese cultural club, then mark asked him if he knows me.. haha and here it comes.. LOL.. woohoo I wonder bota mark look how.. LOL since I've saw bota laopa.. XD

hehe continue to save up more now~! Japan trip~~

33 Pun tantei is releasing a drama script book I think.. I think I might not order online but go Japan get it instead.. SInce books probably won't go out of stock unless few years later.. LOL~

yeah japan japan japan~

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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Please Help Me!!!

hehe start from my dreams first.. LOL~ guess what, yesterday night I dreamt of takaki, yes takaki of HSJ.. gosh!!! he's like... my least favored member... LOl~ I guess it's due to me seeing his goods of the kansai juniors concert.. LOL~ because I thought he looked kinda good in them and I got a shocked when I saw them yesterday... and there he comes inside my dreams.. LOL~ I think I dreamt that HSJ came to live in Singapore, and takaki happens to live near my old house.. then we were at this donno what place, some food court or something.. and when I go and order my food. some papers came out of the faxing machine.. and I read them, and I found out that my friend was working with some underground society or something.. and so I was worrying for him or something.. but I ignored them.. and me and takaki and my aunt and mum and my friend whom I can't remember, LOL, was walking to my dad's taxi, and I told takaki, "please drive the taxi back to our house, if not my father will scold".. then we got inside.. and then suddenly my  that  cannot remember friend asked can we visit takaki's house, since we live near.. and so we went to his house.. end up he's renting a room from a SUPER SUPER SUPER DUPER big family.. I meant as in, the living room has like a whole row of about 10 kids watching the tv, and the dining room has like another 10 children having dinner/lunch.. then they were like looking at us as if we are weird creatures.. LOL.. and I thought my friend was from this family so I was trying to look for her but of course I didn't find her.. hmm that's about it I think.. and I think I was communicating with takaki in both chinese and japanese.. LOL~ gosh~

haha getting on to the next topic.. today I went to watch hanadan!~!!! haha~ with my junior.. hehe~ it's sooooooooo nice!!!!!! all the sweet things doumyouji said!! is totally OMG!!!!!!!!!!! and doumyouji is super funny!! LOL~ there were many parts which are very funny!! LOL~ woah~ and it's totally soooooooo sweeet!!!!!!!! doumyouji is such a sweet guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makino is definitely the most fortunate girl in this world!! gosh~ I think all of the girls who watched this movie will hope that a doumyouji appear in their life.. XD me too!! gosh~ with this type of guy around, I think we can totally live in happiness!! aww!! LOL~ sadly, I don't think a real doumyouji exist in this world.. LOL.. and this is really so sweet~~ gosh I totally love hanadan~~!! ahh~~

hehe going back to the title of this post.. ahh I seriously need guide on my japan trip!! from booking of airlines, to booking of concert tickets, to booking of hotels, to travelling within tokyo, to travelling to osaka, to travelling in osaka.. please, anyone who knows please help me!! ahh~ I was trying to search for the cheapest airline.. and these are the things I need:

1) Cheap air tickets
2) Getting of KinKi concert tickets
3) Cheap hotel/ryokan
4) Guide within tokyo e.g. where to go, how to go, johnnys shop~
5) Travelling to osaka by shinkansen
6) Guide within osaka e.g. temples, kansai, kyoto etc..
7) Any other recommandations..

Please help me!!!!

Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

and yeah I received my package yesterday!! =D here I bring you my sankaku chan to take over me!!

sankaku chan: yeah here I come!! =D

sankaku chan: yeah the goodies!! XD

sankaku chan: my papa~~!!

sankaku chan: more papa's'!!!

sankaku chan: a glance at the band scores!! they have guitar, bass, drums etc~

sankaku chan: my cool daddy!!!

sankaku chan: daddy's mine!! XD

sankaku chan: my mummy's and daddy's lastest Guiness World Records single!! Please grab a copy of them too!! =D

Good Nites!!!

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Monday, August 25, 2008
yama yama yama chan~

hehe blog about yesterday first.. yesterday morning went for my piano lessons.. started to learn ai no katamari.. ahh it's so nice~~ *shall practice hard and play a perfect one* then I was playing the song from my phone to let my teacher hear what the song is like.. then she saw my phone theme and wallpaper, so she asked me

"is that you?",

I said "no, i call him my brother",

"it's a he?"


"he's a singer or what?"

"ya he's a japanese singer and he's very young"

"oh he looks a lot like you!"

"ya that's why I call him my brother"

"a lot people said that isit?"

"no lah, I say one"

haha let me correct the last sentence, actually there's like 3 people who agreed that I looked like yamachan just that I didn't think of that when I was talking to my teacher.. LOL~

this led to some of my past experiences, in 2002, I went into a CD shop to get Domoto Tsuyoshi Machi single, so the staff passed me the 3 editions, then he suddenly go "Omg you look like him!! oh you really look a lot like him!!!" and he was like being so excited as if he really saw a "Domoto Tsuyoshi".. LOL!! Okie so that was the first time my face got linked to a celebrity artiste.. Then last year during my attachment, there was one colleague who liked aaron yan from fahrenheit too, so her mp4 was actually having aaron's pic on it, then my lab manager saw the pic and she was like "he looks like you (me)!!" but I was like just being humble and said it's because of my fringe and hair and of coz she still go being excited again as if she saw aaron yan.. LOL~ then last year too, i asked my colleague to watch tantei gakuen because I've just gotten into yamachan.. so I actually found out myself that I think he looks like me.. XD so I asked them if they think he looks like me and they said yeah~ XD then my friend said once too..

So concluding, there's 1 person saying I look like Domoto Tsuyoshi, 1 person saying I look like Aaron Yan and 4 people saying that I look like Yamada Ryosuke, and therefore the winner is................. Yamada Ryosuke!!!!!! LOL~

Okie let me stop getting too show off.. LOL let's get back to topic, haha so yesterday after my lesson I met my sis, we got ourselves mosburger, the shrimp burger.. very nice!! lotsa prawns inside!! then we go home and prepare ourselves and my dad came to pick us to suntec city.. then my mum asked if he wanna shop as well he said he want so we went shopping together.. XD I got myself a pair of new comfortable shoes.. it's white and soft and I think should be nice to wear.. =D I love trancce shoes, their logo is exactly the same arrow you see on eien ni single cover.. XD that's why I love this brand.. XD I bought a pair from there previously and I liked the design too.. this one was on offer so I think still alright.. =D then my dad got 2 shirts on offer.. then we went to meet my aunt.. she and my uncle got clothes for my little cousin.. =D then my sis got herself some pregnant clothes.. then we went for lunch while I was waiting for mel's sms.. LOL~ had lunch at this thai restaurant.. the fish was good, but the pineapple rice portion is soo little! we had 6 people there!! LOL~ the chicken was nice too.. and then we went aussino to grab some bedsheets, and then to addidas because my uncle wanted to buy pants and since my sis was there she has a 30% discount..

then I went to expo to meet mel, and in the middle of the walk to the shuttle bus area her obi kept giving her problems so we had to re-tie her obi a few times before we actually got onto the shuttle bus.. LOL and yeah she wore her friend's yukata.. haha~ I wanna buy one yukata and one hapi when I go japan.. =) the one she wore was super silky and it costed like only 5000 yen?? so good.. and yeah we got to the Japanese Primary School, went to grab food immediately because due to past experiences, food is a must get since they get sold out quick.. XD we got okonomiyaki, unadon, coroquette, ramune.. I got myself a ice-cream later on.. XD and I grabbed a total of 4 free uchiwas because my mum loves them.. XD

we went to watch my school's performance first.. as usual, their dance was.. okie.. LOL (okie it's because I don't like the choreographer.. LOL) and it's actually quite erm.. too many interlude with no music, I know they are changing inside but there could have been more "entertainment" when they have silent periods.. it's definitely being compared with the previous performance.. and I thought the clothes.. could be nicer.. it's like, same design different color dress isn't really the only choice for retro? I thought the dressing could be better, but I think because the choreograhy wanted to show off so much he made the performance so long that one person have to dance to different songs and thus "have to change clothes" which in turn leads to "cannot wear too complicated clothes because later hard to change". and I think we couldn't really get the idea of the "storyline", and of course one thing I am very very not pleased with is that, this performance is actually a singing + dancing performance, and the "singer" which is also the "center of attraction" is actually the girffriend of the irritating choreography, so you get what I mean. =) she gets all the attention but well, I'm not exactly pissed with that, just that the singing performance is actually just lip-sync. it's so obvious, because the previous performance had a singing performance too and you can differentiate that it's a "live" singing because the quality of the voice won't be too good in a real singing performance, but in this case, the "singing" is so perfect that there is 100% flawless in it. and there was one point when she was singing as she pull off the mic, and yeah there's nothing wrong with that, what's wrong is that "the music is still being loud and clear", if you were pulling away your mic when you sing, is the voice gonna get softer or louder? is your voice gonna get blurred or become clearer? in this case her voice became louder and clearer which you can 100% confirm that it's just "fake singing". I always believe that a real good singer will sing live no matter what happens, ok take me for example, this year open house we performed singing performance as well, and there was many point during the song that my voice couldn't be heard because of the sound system, but is that bad or good thing? depends. bad because people couldn't hear you, good because they know this is a real live singing rather than just lip-syncto the song. I don't know what's the point of doing lip-sync.. i know johnnys does that but hey, that's because they are doing very professional dancing and professional lip-sync and most importantly they are handsome *cough*, okie that's because some haven't develop the potential to sing live, I mean, singing takes time to improve isn't that? didn't kinki first lip-sync too? but hey look at them now, PROFESSIONAL is what I call.. totally CD quality or even better than CD quality in their live performance, just look at any secret code performance and you know it. and so I was totally disappoined in this peformance of my school's.. it's not the first time "this lead singer" lip-sync, it's actually the 3rd time.. people says she sings well, and okie I don't exactly disagree, but what she did had already de-graded her into a just able to "lip-sync" singer. to me, no matter what the circumstances will be, no matter if my voice will sound panting if I'm also doing dancing, I won't agree to lip-sync.. because singing is what matters to me, and of course, to any people who love singing. you would like to bring to the audiences the voice of the current you and not the pre-recorded you. thus, disappointment is what I have for this performance, and another thing, this "lead singer" was 10min/10min out of position and she was blocking anyone she can behind her, and my fren was behind her thus, blocked. I don't understand, and she will never get reprimanded because she's the girl friend of that stupid choreographer. *end of ranting*

ok so after performance we went to grab some goodies, I got a lighting uchiwa and a crown head band for my cousin.. =D then we have our dinner first and we saw my ex-seniors and therefore picture taking~ and eating dinner halfway when it rained so we had to move again.. we went to use our games coupon we grabbed previously, I got 3 yoyo balls! hehe actually the first 2 i gotten by cheating.. XD then the japanese uncle said I could take more so I said 2 can? he showed me a "good" sign, but I only got another one.. XD so I got a total of 3.. XD then went for another ball game which I grabbed a hello kitty hugging tweety bird small figure (lol wth) and a ball and a mask spider or what for mel.. then I grabbed ice-cream.. then we went for the shuttle bus home.. saw stifa and the juniors on the bus and stifa wanted to take pictures with us so yeah we took.. XD then took train home after that..

haha that's about it I think.. such a long entry.. I wonder who will read this.. LOL

pictures spamming time!! =D

this actually the coroquette I made weeks ago.. XD very nice~~


mayo plus fish flakes on the potato! XD

this is the addidas head band my sis gave me.. XD *wonder when i will use it*

curry rice using vermont curry..

it doesn't taste much different from golden curry but I prefer golden curry because the sauce will be more concentrated as in it will not be so watery.. I think japanese curry ain't suited to be watery so.. golden curry!! hehe~

following are pictures from yesterday!! =D
my uchiwa~ so cute~ XD


the okonomiyaki.. haha the orange lights are due to the spot light in the sports hall of the school.. their school hall have second storey like the schools we see in anime where people are standing on the second floor watching a basketball match etc..


the games ticket..

ramune drink~ XD love this.. =D this is super gasy that i nearly choked on it.. LOL

the potato coroquette.. I still prefer mine.. XD this is a bit soggy after so long.. LOL

our dinner table..

goodies.. =D

haha that's about it.. currently I only got one picture of "human" from my senior so I shall wait for more to come before I post more pictures.. XD

and so cya~

my new headphone came and I'm loving it!! =D

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Saturday, August 09, 2008
Pictures spam~~

haha so I finally uploaded the past pictures from my phone.. XD ok update one by one..

this is the second attempt of cooking japanese curry.. LOL~ this time cut the potato and carrot smaller.. but as you can see, I do not have enough sauce to make more gravy.. T___T haha~ but it was nice anyway~~ I got another 2 box of curry, I'm trying out other brands to compare them, one if vermont curry, it has apple and honey flavor in it?? not sure if it's nice.. then yesterday got another BIG box of golden curry at isetan.. there's a lot of curry there! ahh didn't know which one to choose.. LOL

this is at ajitei with sha last last saturday.. curry rice.. XD

this is.. haiwaiin chicken with cheese?? XD

eh forgot this name.. LOL~ omelette on cabbages with tonnes of sauce you can see.. XD NICE!!

katsu cheese cutlet.. hmm a bit disappointing.. XD

got my HSJ phamplet from Gen too!! XD

yamachan aka my little brother is sooo cute~ XD *pets him*

not forgetting that my husband is cute too!! *big hugs*

ohh~ *nose-bleeded* haha~ didn't scan these 2 mags because the scans are already out.. XD instead I scanned myojo already if you had seen them.. XD


and yeah today!! my sis is working at adidas for your info.. so today there was a huge sales for clothings.. so she got me a jacket and a track pants.. this jacket is so tsuyo-ish!! haha~ love it~~!! although I dislike the "SHARP" wordings at the back of the jacket but well, it's nice!! and comfortable~~ XD and most importantly, very tsuyo-ish!!

Photobucket Photobucket
guess the price for this jacket??  and I thought it looked kind of similar.. XD not sure about others.. XD

trackpants.. XD

haha so today homework is, guess the price of the jacket and pants.. XDDD

tomorrow's national day of singapore, today's the start of olympics.. =D 

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