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Name : Selena, nahnah, nah zi
Age : 19
Birthday : 30 Dec 1988
Hobbies : Singing, Play guitar, keyboard, learn Japanese, go kbox, bowling, watch JDramas, anime, comics, novels


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Monday, June 16, 2008

just now went for dinner at some teochew restaurant.. haha not bad.. quite nice.. =D happy fathers' day~~ then came back quickly watch SDK.. HAHA DAMN FUNNY.. drawing session again!! XDD wah tego really can fight with koichi.. LOL~ together with ayu.. 3 can fight together.. LOL~~~ tsuyo as usual draw so nice~~ i want him to draw me too~ Whahaha~

can't wait for phi DVD~ it has all the KISSES, some of the MC, tsuyo's cam, and of course BNS!!! heard that MC is hidden, so need to find it when I get my DVD, then heard that BNS is need to watch the DVD a lot of times before the hidden song will come out.. wah damn chim.. wait for others to find out then tell me.. LOL~

faster ship~~

and is waiting for furuhata's HQ and subbed download.. ahh~ yest watch a bit liao.. wanna watch all!! cute yamachan~~ <3<3<3<3<3

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