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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Dreams and dreams~

yeah once again.. had a really SWEET dream yesterday!! haha~ seriously it's sweet.. =D How good if it was in reality? LOL~

okies so let's start!!

erm.. so in the dream.. I was at this place.. then suddenly I saw someone lying on the floor, with a closer look, it's yamada!! ahh~ so I went near him, kneel down and hugged him in my arms (and I actually repeated this quite a few times... LOL as if we are filming for drama) then asked him, are you okie?? then at this moment, hikaru walked pass.. LOL yes yaotome hikaru.. LOL~~ he walked pass with a cheeky smile on his face and just ignoring the yamada on the floor.. LOL heartless guy.. but thinking now, probably it's hikaru's tactic to ask yamada lie down on the floor to attract my attention.. for why? you may ask, please read ahead.. XD then I was hugging him real close to me.. (ahh I can still feel it.. really.. ^-^ )  then he was looking really cute!! gosh~ with the fringe and big black eyes and smooth skin (opps is this getting to hentai? LOL) he looked really delicious!! LOL!!!!!!! then I think he was alright..

okies let me answer that question now.. LOL I don't know how it came about, but suddenly yamachan was telling me that he fell in love with me or something.. because in the dream, we know each other very long already, and I knew he had no such feelings for me.. but then suddenly after that "hug", he said something like he likes me.. haha~ but based on my personality now, of course I wasn't really surprised or something.. I was calm.. because I had no interest in love.. LOL~ so I was really calm to him and seems like he's starting on to try to make me like him.. XDDDDDDDD

so I went inside a bus or something.. and him too, but I don't know why he's sitting real far from me.. and there's a lot of people between us.. but still, there's still a line of vision between us.. we can still see each other.. but I can feel that yamachan is very sad.. haha~ then suddenly my phone rang, so I picked it up, but LOL it's wrong number by some random indian girl or something.. then when I was on the phone, yamachan's eyes was filled with jealousy.. LOL~ I could see because remember? there's a "LINE" of vision between us.. and it's really that narrow.. haha~ and when I was on the phone, yamachan was trying to call somebody from his phone, I predicted he's calling me.. LOL~ so right after I hanged the line off the indian girl, I received yamachan's call.. LOL~ guess what?!?! it's really sooooooo cute!!! his voice.. haha~ I never have ever imagined my dream to be so accurate.. LOL~ because it's really a boy's voice, with still some kiddish tone in it.. LOL it's very cute~~!! and he's speaking in chinese!! ahh~~ Now I wanna hear the REAL yamachan speak chinese!! XD so here's our conversation:

"who called you?" yamachan is really jealous.. LOL


"it's a guy or girl?" LOL yamachan is really anxious.. LOL i haven't even answered the first question.. LOL

"you guess lor~"

"heh!!! %#)(%)#(Q%&*"

and I can't remember the rest of the conversation.. LOL~

then we got down the bus or what, so we are in this shopping centre or something.. and I wanna go toilet.. LOL~ so we are in this super duper dirty toilet.. and it's very very very very disgusting!!!!!!!! ahh~~~~~~~ i don't know why I always dream of dirty toilets.. T________T *and I always dream of toilet when I'm urgent for a toilet* XDDDDDDD and 100% the toilets are occupied if not it's dirty till I don't wanna use.. haha because in reality I'm not really in a toilet, so if I dream that I managed to get into the toilet, I'll be in deep trouble.. LOL.. so yamachan accompanied my parents to go elsewhere while waiting for me.. LOL (haven't even gone steady and he met my parents?!?!! LOL~~~~~~) so I was really urgent and I decided to go to another toilet.. and yeah same thing happen again.. no toilets~ LOL~ and I got really urgent so i woke up and went toilet and that's the end of the story..

NO WAIT~~~~~~~~~~~ it's not ended yet!!!!!!! LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~

okies I think not many people know, that I have the ability to continue my dreams even after I woke up.. LOL~ and in the middle I even got disturbed by my mother asking me whether I wanna go market.. but because I dreamt of yamachan and I wanna continue dreaming, I decided not to go.. LOL~~ so I continued my dreams.. and yeah after finally went to the toilet.. I never dream of toilet again.. LOL~

so yeah continue the dream, then I met up with yamachan.. then suddenly I feel he's sooo cute and lovely.. LOL~ then he's a bit shorter than me.. then suddenly I have this feeling, "to go into relationship with him is not bad too.."  then while I was thinking of this, something pop into my mind.. "if I go into relationship with him, does that mean it's a long distance relationship?!??! since he's in Japan and I'm in Singapore.."  but well.. in the dream I was really feeling shiawase.. that such cute little boy fell in love with me or something.. (ahh.. I don't have a preference for kids don't misunderstand!! LOL~) just that, after being in a few "not even started relationship" and having bad memory on them, I was really discouraged towards love already.. haha but this dream really made me feel positive and optimistic again like I once used to be.. thanks to yamachan~~ although it only applies to the me in dreams.. haha~ and well, it's time my bladder get urgent again and I woke up to go toilet again and it's the end of the story..

haha~ it's really the end.. LOL~ because I didn't had time to dream more because it's time for me to go for piano lesson!! haha~

then went for piano lesson.. my teacher is down with heavy flu too.. gosh why is everybody getting sicked?? the whether nowadays is seriously very bad.. then came home play DS then went to causeway point with my mum and sis.. lol~ then came back cooked and eat now I am here watching tv~ =D haha~ 33 pun tantei~~ =D speaking of that, tsuyo shaved his hair!! gosh~ both sides of his hair.. LOL~ straight after the end of the filming.. LOL~ he's seriously, cannot remain with one hair style for long.. LOL~ haha okies~ I'm still planning my Japan trip.. sha where are you~~~~ let's start planning le!! =D and I need to study for JLPT!! ahH~


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