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Monday, September 29, 2008
happy weekend~~

2 things to blog about today.. XD

1. New clothes
2. Dreams

hahaha~ okies so yesterday morning went for my piano lesson, followed by meeting lyn to go school for singing lessons.. haha I was having quite a bad attitude because I really don't like the attitude of the juniors.. I mean I'm a very straight forward person, if you don't want to perform just say so and I will not include you, that's as easy. I mean I don't like people to force me to do something and thus I will not do so to others too. If I force people to perform, then the purpose would have been twisted, a performance is done to let you enjoy, let the bonding between the performers build, if you are not happy doing the performance then don't do it in the first place. The juniors seem to have a lot to say, but when I ask them what they want not much comments were received, so how? expect me to have mind-reading superpowers? LOL I wished I had one though. But anyway, I work in a very simple manner, you respect me, I will treat you what you deserve, if you don't, then don't blame me for my irritating attitude. I'm the mentor, though my age might be smaller than some of you, but I will give the necessary respect if you give me some. I don't like to repeat myself for 4 times and you give me that fucking face. okie this only direct to one junior, and she is totally another copy of another friend-become-enemy I used to have. I really feel like slapping her when she give me those kind of faces, I don't know, maybe that's her, but I just don't like it. But anyway don't talk about her, something will come out eventually.. LOL

Okie then I went home, then we went to bugis temple, I bought flowers in because I was supposed to do so last time but didn't have enough cash on hand so I bought them this time round.. (my wallet only has 5 dollars left.. T___T need to eat cheaper things tomorrow..) then went shopping at OG.. and YEAH!! the happy part is here!! LOL~ I bought 2 hoody clothes!! XDD one is a hoody shirt and another one a hoody short sleeves jacket.. I've been looking for short sleeves jacket and I don't know if anyone knows, I love HOODY clothes.. XDDDD that's why I have tonnes of jacket at home.. all with hood.. XDDD just love it! XDDD LOL~ the hoody jacket used to cost 59.90 and the sales started that day and I got it for 19.90, same for the other one, and there's still an additional 10% discount so one shirt cost around 17 dollars!! that's a great good deal!! XDD yeah~ so happy.. XDD and the auntie assistant made me happy too.. LOL after I went to try on the clothes and came back and decided to buy, she tell me:

"You look very young.. are you 16 or 17?"

"haha no lah, 19"

"your face looks very young.. you actually look very pretty, you should slim down, drink more water, eat less meat and drink less gasy drinks"

"yaya I know.. =)"

hahaha~ this is like one of the few times someone commented I looked younger than my age.. haha~ yeah I'm in the process to slim down and yeah ganbarimasu!! =)

Next, dreams again hahahahahahaa~ (audiences: NOT AGAINNNNNNNNNN)

okie so I was having a nap just now in the afternoon, then my mum woke me up to bath, and when I went back to sleep, the sweet dream came!! XDDD okie I dreamt that I was in this school.. then there's HSJ in my dream.. and yuto said something and I said something which I can't remember.. then I saw ryosuke.. and in the dream I was angry with him again.. LOL then we didn't talk or something.. This time round is like sorta continue from the previous dream, remember the previous dream I said that going into a relationship with him isn't that bad? I think in this dream we are already in a relationship.. LOL so I was angry with him for something.. XD then suddenly we were in my room.. and there's like a toy, which can walk by itself from hearing the direction from a person (like you say go right the toy will go right or something) so the toy ran out of the room and we went out chasing it as well, I was shouting the directions for it and he did follow and we are now in this office-lookalike outdoor area.. LOL~ okie that's quite imaginative.. XD so we were running here and there.. then suddenly I am in the process of going home from the school.. so I walked away.. ryosuke saw me walking away and thus he took the toy with him and followed me.. I think we looked at each other for a moment and he was holding a DS-lookalike remote (I think it's for that toy) and trying to pass it to me but because he didn't open his mouth to talk to me so I walked away towards the school gate.. I know he was following me and thus I was slowing down my speed for him.. But he didn't came up to me.. so when I was at few steps before the school gate, I turned around to see if he's there and yes he is, and so I quickly look back front again.. but I turned back to ask him


"%Y(*#%&)(@#%&()#%*()#&%()%&#)( " passes me a NDS Card

haha he's speaking a language which I can't understand, I don't think he's speaking japanese, it sounded really foreign to me.." but I sorta make my way to understand it as, he's giving me the NDS card (to control that toy?? and where did the toy gone? I thought he was holding it? it became a NDS card? LOL), and asking me to pass him my DS which I was holding in my hands or something.. then before I am able to do so, there came a few uncles doing funny poses beside ryosuke, and so ryosuke followed them to pose those funny actions and it's really hilarious and it made me smile.. =D and after a very long time of posing and me smiling, there was a door that is closing between me and ryosuke.. it looked kinda like a bus but hey I'm infront of a school gate and why is the bus there? LOL~ okie let's heck about what the door is.. but the door is closing and I'm seeing lesser and lesser of the area ryosuke is in!! and I keep moving and peaking inside to see ryosuke and suddenly there's this huge man which pushed me away (as if I'm some fangirl blocking the way of the artiste) and I fell down.. and yeah you can imagine ryosuke's face and reactions when he sees that, so he ran out of the door.. and the image I had when I fell down was, I am wearing a helmet (LOL I am not riding a motorcyle please.. LOL) and seems like the impact of the knock of my head (with helmet) on the floor was quite big that I was a bit unconsious.. but after ryosuke helped me up and sent me to another place, seems like the reason for my unconsious-ness is that something from the sky dropped down and hit my head.. (and yeah that must be a really great object since it's able to penetrate the helmet I was wearing and hit my head..) and when I woke up, I was in my parent's room.. but it's a HIGH TECH version.. LOL what I mean is there's LCD tv on the wall, equipments which they use to examine and such.. and while I was regaining consious, I heard them saying things like I'm not a normal human, I am actually some erm "made humans" or something? robots? couldn't catch the phrase but just like some RPG/drama, I am some kind of experiment they made.. LOL and that I have only a year to survive after this knock on the head (woah so we can conclude this is really a very big object.. LOL) and sadly, because I have to wake up to bath and go out for dinner.. I had to stop this dream.. T_________________T

Please let me continue my dreams tonight!!!!! Onegai~~~~~~~~~~~ LOL~

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