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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Dreams come true~ XD

hahaha yes again.. this time round it's.....................................


or well, should be rokuro from 33 pun tantei.. XD

I dreamt a lot last night, but I'll just write the part I remembered about with tsuyo.. XD

okie so tsuyo (rokuro to be specific) and me and the drama staffs, we were filming 33 pun tantei at this riverside or something.. then there was this scene that tsuyo is supposed to pour a cup of red drink into the river and I'll follow him do the same thing or something.. LOL so both of us had a cup of red colored drink in our hands.. then the scene started filming, so tsuyo pour the drink, then I think he realised he did something wrong (which I can't figure out what's wrong.. LOL) then I was like, changing the script and just patting on his hair (like how koichi always do on tsuyo when he did something funny/wrong) then tsuyo was trying hard not to laugh.. but he couldn't take it eventually and laugh out.. LOL~ so all of us had a great laugh and had an NG.. XD that's part is really funny and cute because it's totally ROKURO+TSUYOSHI!! LOL~ the face is really so real like how tsuyo will do in reality.. XD and yaya he's in the suit with short pants and high socks and the specs and the hair, so 100% rokuro san.. XD then after a long period of laugh, we are resuming the filming, so I told tsuyoshi, I'll add this scene into the filming so you don't laugh ar.. LOL then tsuyo was like bursting into laughing again and said okie or something and he mentioned that this pating action koichi always do.. (so that's the reason for his sudden laugh? he thought of koichi when i pat him?? LOL *hearts*) tsuyo is really soooooooooooooooooooo cute in the dream!! *hearts hearts hearts* then we continue filming or something.. then is like koichi caught a cold right? and they having concert in fukuoka now right? so I was dreaming also that tsuyo has a cold and is going to fukuoka soon by a plane.. but the director or who suddenly ask him to jump down the river and OMG tsuyo did it like almost immediately.. LOL (where did he get his guts from? LOL) then I was shouting, hey prepare towel and dry tsuyo!! and I got a shock as well.. LOL~ then we went to another place and there's a lot people and I can't remember if there's tsuyo/kinki.. LOL~ so that's the end.. XD

yeah =) finally a dream about tsuyo.. it totally made me love tsuyo more when i woke up.. =)

and I was watching iryu today (i bought for 1 dollar.. XD) it's so nice!! gosh~ the surgery scene is so real!! LOL~

btw, tsuyo looks like he's loving me or something in the dream.. XD *goes mad* I LOVE YOU TOO!! XDD

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