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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Dreams again~~

haha yeah dreams again!! yesterday I think I dreamt of both tatsuya and kenichi!! XD yesh both actors from death note.. XDD haha can't really remember but I remember one scene I think I was speaking english or something, and both of them were infront of me.. and tatsuya seems to be able to understand english (because he went london to learn english last year for 5 months), and I think I asked him to speak a bit I think.. XDD ahh But can't really remember, and there's one scene where I was shooting for a movie or something.. I shot a few times and a lot of "high level" japanese samurai walked pass and we have to kneel down to welcome them.. and the highest level samurai was being carried in those chairs that is so high up till I can't see his face.. LOL!! that's funny.. and they wore hapi, (i guess this is caused by watching shinsengumi.. LOL~ it's a nice taiga drama!!)

haha then today went for piano lesson.. hmm.. have to try to work hard on accompaniements.. then after that went library to search for shakespeare's books.. XD (due to large influence from tatsuya's stage performance) i only found romeo and juliet chinese novel version and 2 other shakespeare's books, one is the famous quote from his plays, another one is something like a summary of his works.. I couldn't find Hamlet and Merchant of Venice (both together with romeo in which tatsuya acted before).. haha shall go find it next time.. yeah finally can read.. XD because I downloaded the raw version of romeo and juliet from tatsuya's theatrical DVD.. XD so I wanted to read first and understand so I can try to understand the play without subs.. (shall train more on my Japanese already..)

then went my aunt's house because nobody confirm with me whether going to bbq anot.. and then sok hiang call me.. she said she bought our shares already.. but, what can I do sia.. LOL~ laopa initially say don't want go, then in the end went, lyn also busy with work, and I don't wanna go alone.. sian.. LOL~ forget it, less people go means more food for them to eat.. LOL~

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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Phi Con DVD!~!!!!

WHahahaha~ 9 May was my brother, Yamada Ryosuke's 15th Birthday!! Omedetou!! XD Hope you will have the time to rest a bit and hope johnny san don't torture you so much!! LOL~ I'm looking forward to your Furuhataa Ninzaburo Chugakusei!! 18 June on air right??


IT'S KINKI KIDS PHI CON DVD RELEASE!! as well as FUJIWARA TATSUYA SHINTOKUMARU DVD RELEASE!! hahaha~ as you can see, I've pre-ordered both.. cost a bomb.. T___T I pre-ordered KinKi limited edition and tatsuya special edition.. Phi Con DVD I'll be waiting for a Taiwan Press.. Cheaper plus there's like NO DIFFERENCE between the limited and normal.. haha~ so wait for taiwan press and also got chinese subtitles.. XD for tatsuya's one is really no money buy.. so ex sia.. somemore not sure if have special footage since only 1 DVD, whereas the special one has 2 dvd.. XDD

must wait till i go japan then i go grab lotsa DVD back.. XDD

and today pre-ordered I and Ai normal taiwan press.. haha together with dreams come true normal edition.. coz u know wat? the LIMITED EDITION WAS OUT OF STOCK ALREADY!! gosh I thought it wouldn't go out of stock so I didn't pre-order that early but who knows! so I quickly search a lot of online sites but all out of stock.. T___T finally i got to pre-order at play asia.. it's cheaper sia.. and with free shipping.. maybe can choose to get from there next time.. LOL~

may and june = broke.. LOL~

I wan more money~~ and oh ya haven get my money from genecet so yeahs!! XD

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Monday, May 05, 2008
Happy 17th Anniversary!!!

haha today is the day when KinKi first met each other.. =D 5th May 1991, their fated day.. XD Omedetou!! For knowing each other 17 years.. Gosh that's like nearly my age.. LOL~ It's like when they first met I'm only 2 years old.. LOL~ ahh Really gonna thanks both of their sister, for sending their particulars to Johnnys, and let them met and of course, forming KinKi Kids, which is such a wonderful thing on this world to many of us. =D KinKi, please continue to love each other as we will love you!! =D

haha and today my package arrived.. very fast ne, CDJapan sent out on Saturday and arrived today.. really much faster than yesasia though a bit more expensive by a few dollars but I don't mind.. XD and I watched part of HSJ Concert DVD today, though halfway I fell asleep.. LOL~ gonna watch again tomorrow.. XD And, I heard that ryosuke sprained his ankle?? GOSH~ there's some more concerts to go, please take care of yourself ne, ryosuke.. and HSJ summer tour is decided already?? AHH So fast la, gosh how can they manage?? give them a bit more rest please.. especially ryosuke, he was busy from debuting as HS7, filming tantei, then debut as HSJ, then filming one pound gospel, then having Dome concert, now having spring concert, filming of sensei wa erai, then going to film furuhaata SP and Summer con.. gosh he's becoming more and more weaker on the magazines, and we see less of his smile already.. T_____T and he's gonna manage his school work as well.. Johnnys san, are you gonna torture them to death?? though I do know ryosuke is super popular and you wanna earn more money, but let them have a bit rest also.. =(

and and, when is the NEXT KINKI SINGLE?!?!?!? LOL~ it's been nearly 8 months already.. (i did not remember wrongly right?) since eien ni.. T___T though I'm broke now but I want a new KINKI SINGLE!!!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

haha long time since I blogged.. Okie start from last saturday..

last saturday I went for my piano lesson, then I went school for JMD Orientation.. haha see the fake faces.. he were commenting that "the dance was nice, very creative, good job" and in his blog he said "I was disappointed with the dance".. LOL super fake.. actually during that time I also can differentiate that he's being very fake, because he doesn't want the members to leave the club.. but anyway, went for a while and we left.. we went orchard, wanted to go sing ktv, but we were hungry, so had lunch at kobayashi (isit correct?) for japanese food.. LOL~ then we went party world wanting to sing but there was no available room till 5pm... which is too late for us.. so we just went kino.. shop for a while, i got my one piece comic and then we went isetan.. We bought drinks.. I bought the gogo no cha (isit? LOL~) ߌ̍g. then we saw some nice japanese wine, i wanted to buy.. but hmm.. next time I go I will buy.. XD looks nice and we tasted one of them and it was NICE!! haha~ I don't mind drinking alcoholic drinks if they were this nice.. haha~ the taste is refreshing but of course there's still the alcoholic taste in it, but not too high because I don't like too alcoholic.. XD then I went to meet my mum and cut hair.. then had dinner and went home for television show.. haha~

then on tuesday i went sun plaza with mum and my sis.. had lunch at the cafe, spaghetti and waffle ice cream with one ice lemon tea.. =D nice!! i think this is one of the best spaghetti I've tasted.. Will go there to eat again.. =D then went library to find some shakespeare books.. can't find leh.. or isit I don't know how to find? LOL~ so just grabbed some books and we went NTUC.. bought jelly again.. Whahaha~ LOL~ for my sis.. then went home..

and! I dreamt! of Matsuyama Kenichi!! YES L~~ I only remember that we went Malaysia, that house looks something like my grandpa's.. but slightly bigger and different.. then a lot of car drove in and let us drive i think.. then I saw KinKi toO~~ they each choose a car and drive.. I forgot where we go.. but suddenly we were in this place where there's a lot of staircase.. then suddenly someone called misuzu or misuki called me.. and asked about tsuyo I guess.. and I got angry and scolded her "you've abandoned tsuyo for so long and then now you come back and find him when you just needed him?" then I hung the phone and was very pissed off.. I think tsuyo saw but he didn't dare to ask.. so we just walk and walk around the stairs like never ending.. then suddenly.. we were in this place, where I used to live.. lOL~ then I think I came from home or something, then I saw matsuken wet, because he ran under the rain to get something I think.. then I regretted I never bring along a towel with me.. and I don't have any tissue with me so I just tap and touch around matsuken's hair to shake away the water droplets.. LOL~ then he asked the girl beside him I think it's his manager or something, "do you feel your heartbeat beating fast?".. LOL~ the girl was like don't know what he saying.. I guess what I did in my dream sorta made him very shy.. LOL~ so cute~~ I think that's about it..

then come back to yesterday, we went AMK hub in the evening, for my dad's bluetooth headset.. lol shall skip that.. had the korean hot stone bowl again.. this time the seafood flavour.. hoho~ then went NTUC to shop a while and we went back.. then I watched shojiki shindoi on TVU.. haha~ LIVE!! actually I already predicted none can success.. haha~ i mean, isit really wise to spend so much money for just one episode of show?? =X and the chanel bag tsuyo chose was NICE!! Woah~ I'm not a person who go for brand, but more of designs.. XD that was nice! I love their logo, two "C"s crossing each other.. Looks like phi sign.. XDD ok mainly because of that reason I liked the bag.. haha~ but it was big and seems very nice to pack things too!! the other item tsuyo picked was a blanket? or towel? they keep saying it was very nice to touch.. haha~ but it weighed only 0.5 kg.. LOL~ tsuyo was super cute in this episode! his hair is very cute!! he looks so cute and innocent!! ahh~ then they kept matchmaking the girl and the guy.. it's like before the show, they stand with a bit distance which caught tsuyo's attention or something, then saying that he stands close to another girl without being shy i guess... lol then in the last part of the show, the girl was chosing an item, and the guy was beside her giving her comments, then tsuyo and another 2 guests was like purposely standing far behind to let both of them "move on".. LOL~ haha very cute la tsuyo.. XD *hearts* next epi seems like it's food again.. or did I remember it wrongly? XD

then I think I had a dream of matsuken
yesterday again.. can't really remember the details.. if I remember I will post here.. XD I think it occured at the usual place again... LOL~

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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Had a Great Day~

haha had a Great Day today~

Just now went AMK Hub with my families.. Really, I think when the family gathers, it will really make the trip much much more fun. I enjoyed the time with my family. haha We had dinner at the Foodcourt, 4 of us ate the Korean Hot Bowl Set, my dad had seafood flavour while the rest of us had chicken flavour. My bro ate spagatti and his gf ate noodles.

Then after dinner we immediately went to hello! shop, waited very long for them to entertain us. LOL~ My dad switch his phone to Sony Ericsson K770i Brown Color. Not bad, looks very classic and the design of the phone is nice as well. Then we went home after that since all the shops should be closed by then. =( Haha 6 Person squeezing into my dad's taxi. XD It was fun though, had cold jokes inside the car, my bro "releasing his gas" etc. LOL!

Then came home and play around with the new phone, oh I forgot to mention, it was a present from the 3 of us. =D Because my dad like quite reluctant to pay too much so we decide to pay for him. =D Then took some pictures with the phone as our contact pic and taught my dad how to use the phone's function. =D I think my dad's really excited and happy about getting a new phone. =D

Therefore, this conclude my day and I really love this day~ XD

Tml JMD Orientation~!!! Maybe going to cut hair as well. =D

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Friday, April 25, 2008

haha I'm so lazy to transfer photos from my phone so I'll just blog about some incidents this week..

did I mention last friday I went lynette house to teach her and laopa piano and guitar? LOL can't remember but yeah I taught them a few basics and we waited till 3pm for ichiban sushi lunch offer.. =P Ate the ebi rice set.. haha not bad, as in it's only 5 SGD.. LOL~

Then I think few days back I recieved letter from NUS, initially I thought it was my admission confirmation letter but it turns out to be another school that I applied asking me to go for their interview.. But I don't wanna go that interview, LOL

haha today we are going down to AMK Hub to get my father a new phone.. LOL I think my dad's very excited about that, yesterday I showed him the various nice phones and I think he was really very anxious to get a new phone.. XD My sis will be coming over to stay for 2 nights as well as her husband is going M'sia to gamble.. LOL~

Tml I'm going for JMD Orientation, hope by the time I go there it's still on.. =( Then might be going zoo on sat or sun as my family outing... =D

Btw, I'm looking for OLD JAPANESE DRAMAS so if you see any places selling them please tell me!! Onegaishimasu!! m(_ _)m

Okies so cya~!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
18th April Lesson 1~

today woke up found out that my cousin has a fever and she's crying like so sad la.. *heart pains* T___T then she vomitted the milk she drank.. then took care of her a bit and i went out.. with my guitar.. LOL~ first time carrying out my guitar to take a train.. LOLx!

then meet laopa and lyn at CWP, bought a string and went lyn's house.. help her bro's guitar to tie the broken string.. then we started our guitar lesson.. haha~ i think we played till our fingers very pain.. XD but it's like this one la.. Whahaha~ then changed to piano lesson.. used my notes and play.. haha and we got a bit bored.. LOL~ coz laopa nv sleep, and then the lesson is like have to be very basic ma.. to build the foundation so we not really learning real songs so I think they got a bit bored.. but well me too.. XDD so lyn had to entertain us before we go for cheap lunch at ichiban sushi.. XD shall post the pics later.. am lazy to transfer photos.. XDD

then chatted a bit while having lunch and because laopa is dying soon lol so we went home soon after that.. XD

haha yeah tml is piano lesson but =( because i'm gonna learn the difficult part of the song tml... btw i'm learning seppaku no tsuki now! XDD

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Answer Revealed..


Ok this was the pic I posted yesterday, I had a great shock seeing this pair of legs before I saw whose leg it belongs to.. so answer is here!! XD


It belongs to fujiwara tatsuya chan!!! GOSH!! This is from his drama Ai Nante Iranai no Natsu (I supposed I got the name right), at first when i saw the legs, I thought it belonged to ryoko hirosue (the main female actress) but then I was wondering too, because the position of the legs doesn't seem to match ryoko's character in it.. So when the screen moves up, it was fujiwara kun.. and I really got a big shock because I initially thought it was from a girl as well.. GOSH! see that legs!! it's so skinny and white and of course hairless super smooth!! ahh Seriously, I wonder how many girls has that kind of legs.. *looks at myself and sigh*

haha and so today I went to anderson again.. then finally my package came today!! both came together.. yeah~ tomorrow can watch liao.. XDD ok bye~!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guess whose leg is this!!


Female or Male?!?!?!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday woke up at 6+ to get ready for my interview.. Went for breakfast then went woodlands interchange to meet sky. And who knows she mistaken meeting at 8 as waking up at 8. So I waited for like 1 hr for her.. =.=lll And took train instead of bus because I'm gonna be late for my interview. And we went there, there's a lot of people getting interviewed.. As I walk to the seats, I saw qian jun and pei xia.. LOL What a small world I could actually see them here as well.. LOL~ So we chatted a bit and they went in for interview. I waited for like 45 minutes or more before it was my turn. haha Don't feel like saying how's the interview but I've already tried my best.. So let's just see how it goes~

Then changed my clothes and went for lunch at FASS air conditioned foodcourt.. Had western food from Olio I think that's the name, fish and chips.. Haha very big piece of fish and crispy fries.. =P Love the sauce.. just that the sauce is not enough for me.. XD then we stayed in there I helped sky to check her report for her science module.. haha we had a lot fun.. LOL then went for her Southeast Asian Studies Lecture, and I tell you, you really cannot understand a word of what the teacher is speaking. LOL~~~~ I think those weaker english speakers from the video they showed can speak better understandable english than the lecturer.. LOL I hope if I get to enter I won't encounter these lecturers.. XD Then we went home together and she decides to go Sun Plaza this fashion, so we went there and she bought a light blue dress for $16.. haha~ and we went home..

and today I woke at 9+ because my cousin came, my aunt's sicked, so she went to see doctor and my cousin is currently sleeping in my mum's room.. haha~ Because didn't want my aunt to spread her fever to my cousin so brought her over to my house.. My cousin has a flu now.. So I hope she gets better tml! XD

Then I went for piano lesson, I think my teacher likes to chat with me a lot.. She likes to ask me about Japanese things because she knew I like them.. haha~ then play my seppaku no tsuki.. Ahh my teacher played the accompaniement very nice, I wanna learn.. I think after I finished learning the whole song I wanna ask her to teach me more on accompaniements.. Then went orchard to meet sha, which I over sat the station.. LOL!! cause I was to engrossed listening to songs.. XD Then we walked around and it was raining heavily.. ahh~~ Then we were so hungry and we had to wait for JC.. LOL~ And so we went in Ajitei first and see what we wanna order.. And after very long we ordered the food.. haha~ after all the dishes came JC reached.. XD and I think all of us enjoyed the food.. XD It was very nice la! Except for one dish.. Haha~ the rest is just plain LOVES.. XD Pictures shows more!!

This is curry flavoured fried cuttefish.. Very nice!! first time trying..

As usual I love this.. Potato wedges with cheeseeeeeeeee!! XD

Mendai Tofu with cheeseeeeee!! THIS IS LOVEEEEEEEEESsssssss!!

Hawaiin Chicken with Cheeseeeeeeeeeee again!! XD

ahh This is the only not so nice dish.. XD Fried soft bones chicken.. LOL~ looks nice though.. =(

The rice set that came with rice, miso soup and something that look like pickles which I forever can't figure out what's that.. LOL~

haha and so after lunch we went kino.. I got myself a nice japanese pouch and presents for my friend.. Then went takashimaya department store and got a pair of Japanese paper dolls for my sis's birthday.. XD Sha got her sis a accessory box.. =) Then we went Tangs to look for my dad's present.. Went Isetan and I got morinaga Jumbo.. XD ahh big surprise, they increased the price.. T____T from 2.20 to 2.70.. stupid.. LOL~ I love this!! haha~ It's a must get when I go isetan.. haha~ Couldn't find the flavour of the potato chips Light ate while killing people within the potato chips.. LOL~ Then saw a lot nice food and me and sha went to try this try that.. XD the lobster senbei was nice!! the aquaweed flavour was nice as well!! and the wasabi flavoured one is really.. erm.. choking.. haha~ then tried pizza flavour, tako flavour, seaweed & shrimp flavour.. haha~ basically we were just there to try the chips because the chips were really too expensive to be bought.. XD Then we went hereen to look for my dad's present.. and guess what we saw, brocoli, banana, rice, vegetables, choco etc necklace.. LOL~ and I was wondering who seriously will wear those out.. LOL~ Fashion is beginning to dig into daily lives.. LOL~ One day we might see pamper necklace, dirty socks necklace, fridge necklace etc.. LOL! Then went to cineleisure, sha saw rachel and her bf.. Lolx.. and btw we saw ivoy before that as well, but she gave us cold shoulders but well, not really a big deal to us.. LOL~ Then I bought my dad an ashtray again.. LOL~ didn't know what to get for him.. And when I gave him the present, he said "Ahaha Only this? I want wallet, Branded one".. LOL!! Never say earlier I thought of getting him a wallet one.. LOL~ Never mind, I'll get one for him when I have my first salary.. LOL! jkjk~

haha that's about it for today.. So tired now.. haha~ Had a lot fun these 2 days.. Thanks to sky, sha and jc!! =D

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