Entry: dreams~ Tuesday, May 13, 2008

haha can't remember is yesterday or the day before, i dreamt of tatsuya again.. LOL~ wah my dreaming power really coming back le woohoo!! XD but can't remember the details la.. XD

then today went to teach classes again.. haha~ next week might not be able to go so I gave jo my time sheet already.. haha moneyssss~~

then just now the tv showed my school! wah lao the sports hall become so pretty.. the first glance i saw I thought it looked like the sports hall tatsuya was playing basketball in.. AHH *envious* gosh why is all the good things happening after I left the school?? primary school is, secondary school is, even poly also.. =.=lllll

haha looking forward to receiving my parcels of Dreams Come True single and I and Ai normal edition album..

can't wait for june 14 and june 18!! haha~


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