Entry: Shindoi + Tatsuya's 26th Birthday Thursday, May 15, 2008

haha am watching shindoi now.. commercial time~ this is very cute episode!! ahh~ can see tsuyo eating, change clothes, suit with short pants?!?! LOl this is currently the fashion in japan.. haha then tsuyo's dressing got said that he looked like konan, in which they gave him a pair of glasses to become more konan.. haha~ so kawaii~~ then they went to eat again and tsuyo hugged that guy!! i guess koichi gonna get a new TV set soon.. LOL!!! they are trying to act gay.. LOL~ then after that they went to play squash.. haha~ that guest is really bad at playing while tsuyo got into it very soon.. XD in the end they are trying to get 10 consecutive shots but the guest couldn't get it and they played for almost an hours before they succeeded.. haha~ we can see tsuyo laughing very hard in this episode.. XDD it's quite funny at the part where they played squash.. the ball got stucked into the guest's racket.. and tsuyo was rolling on floor laughing... XDD and when the guest miss the ball tsuyo will go ROFL again.. LOL~

next week seems like............................ LOL~ i saw half-naked guy and one bikini girl trying to show how to wear a bra or something? LOL~ not sure about that.. XD

haha and 

O-tanjoubi Omedetou to Tatsuya Fujiwara chan!!!

It's his 26th Birthday!! May you have a great day ahead!! I'm looking forward to recieving your Shintokumaru Special Edition DVD in June!!!

Am looking forward to your movie Chameleon too!! July!!


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