Entry: JMD Singing~ Sunday, June 01, 2008

hehe.. yesterday my sis brought back our addidas goods again.. this time round the things were more cheaper and they are donated to the victims of the earthquake in sichuan.. I got a pair of slippers and a red sling bag.. each 10 dollars.. my baby cousin got 3 pairs of shoes!! haha~ yesterday when my sis's back she was busy changing the shoes here and there.. LOL~

then today woke up at 7+ went temple to pray.. then went to visit my aunt.. then went back and bath before I go for piano lesson.. learning a new song accompanyment!! then went JMD for singing lesson.. taught them how to use diaphgram, warming ups and then singing.. this batch singing not bad, I mean, have potential to train better.. so let's ganbatte for next lesson!! XD utada's flavor of life for girls and ken hirai's kiss of life for guys.. haha since the guy requested for this song.. so there were only 2 guys and erm.. 6 girls from the year 1 batch, 1 from yr 2 batch, 1 from yr 3 batch.. hachiko didnt come.. haha~ then jia hui played dreams come true from HSJ.. whahaha~ chinen voice really soooo high ne~~ XDD

haha okies cya~~


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