Entry: updates about the weekend.. Wednesday, July 16, 2008

haha too long never blog already.. =P hmm.. let's just skip to the weekend that just passed.. =D

actually we've been searching for a LCDTV since weeks ago.. (my father wants one.. LOL) so last weekend we went for a LCDTV hunting.. saturday we went liang court, then the central, had dinner at Sun with Moon.. hmm not bad.. LOL then couldn't find one, so on sunday we went the tampines courts and finally settled on one Sony 37' LCDTV... LOL~ is gonna send down tomorrow.. LOL~ then yesterday accompanied my sister to the doctor and she's officially pregnant.. Omedetou~!! Hope the baby will turn out healthy.. =D

then today i finally tried my first attempt to cook japanese curry rice.. XDD



haha looks good right.. XD the taste actually not bad too.. my mum said she didn't want to eat but in the end she ate some too.. XD not bad not bad will cook it again.. XDD


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