Entry: Please Help Me!!! Sunday, September 07, 2008

hehe start from my dreams first.. LOL~ guess what, yesterday night I dreamt of takaki, yes takaki of HSJ.. gosh!!! he's like... my least favored member... LOl~ I guess it's due to me seeing his goods of the kansai juniors concert.. LOL~ because I thought he looked kinda good in them and I got a shocked when I saw them yesterday... and there he comes inside my dreams.. LOL~ I think I dreamt that HSJ came to live in Singapore, and takaki happens to live near my old house.. then we were at this donno what place, some food court or something.. and when I go and order my food. some papers came out of the faxing machine.. and I read them, and I found out that my friend was working with some underground society or something.. and so I was worrying for him or something.. but I ignored them.. and me and takaki and my aunt and mum and my friend whom I can't remember, LOL, was walking to my dad's taxi, and I told takaki, "please drive the taxi back to our house, if not my father will scold".. then we got inside.. and then suddenly my  that  cannot remember friend asked can we visit takaki's house, since we live near.. and so we went to his house.. end up he's renting a room from a SUPER SUPER SUPER DUPER big family.. I meant as in, the living room has like a whole row of about 10 kids watching the tv, and the dining room has like another 10 children having dinner/lunch.. then they were like looking at us as if we are weird creatures.. LOL.. and I thought my friend was from this family so I was trying to look for her but of course I didn't find her.. hmm that's about it I think.. and I think I was communicating with takaki in both chinese and japanese.. LOL~ gosh~

haha getting on to the next topic.. today I went to watch hanadan!~!!! haha~ with my junior.. hehe~ it's sooooooooo nice!!!!!! all the sweet things doumyouji said!! is totally OMG!!!!!!!!!!! and doumyouji is super funny!! LOL~ there were many parts which are very funny!! LOL~ woah~ and it's totally soooooooo sweeet!!!!!!!! doumyouji is such a sweet guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makino is definitely the most fortunate girl in this world!! gosh~ I think all of the girls who watched this movie will hope that a doumyouji appear in their life.. XD me too!! gosh~ with this type of guy around, I think we can totally live in happiness!! aww!! LOL~ sadly, I don't think a real doumyouji exist in this world.. LOL.. and this is really so sweet~~ gosh I totally love hanadan~~!! ahh~~

hehe going back to the title of this post.. ahh I seriously need guide on my japan trip!! from booking of airlines, to booking of concert tickets, to booking of hotels, to travelling within tokyo, to travelling to osaka, to travelling in osaka.. please, anyone who knows please help me!! ahh~ I was trying to search for the cheapest airline.. and these are the things I need:

1) Cheap air tickets
2) Getting of KinKi concert tickets
3) Cheap hotel/ryokan
4) Guide within tokyo e.g. where to go, how to go, johnnys shop~
5) Travelling to osaka by shinkansen
6) Guide within osaka e.g. temples, kansai, kyoto etc..
7) Any other recommandations..

Please help me!!!!

Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m


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