Entry: World is small~ Wednesday, September 10, 2008

haha why the title? LOL~ because few days back I found out that my classmate mark and laopa are in the same bunk in army.. LOL

that day laopa come ask me whether I know mark, then I asked isit that cannot speak chinese mark? he says yes.. haha~ then laopa says they same bunk since start of army liao.. LOL.. although I know they same date go in, but I didn't know really such a coincidence they same.. LOL~ both failed napfa right? LOL~ then I asked how they talk about me, then laopa says they were chatting during 24km then mark asked him what cca laopa is in, so laopa said japanese cultural club, then mark asked him if he knows me.. haha and here it comes.. LOL.. woohoo I wonder bota mark look how.. LOL since I've saw bota laopa.. XD

hehe continue to save up more now~! Japan trip~~

33 Pun tantei is releasing a drama script book I think.. I think I might not order online but go Japan get it instead.. SInce books probably won't go out of stock unless few years later.. LOL~

yeah japan japan japan~


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