Entry: He is such a gentle guy!!! Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry I haven't been blogging here.. XD Was blogging over at the other blog.. XDD Guess what, I had crazy experiences today!! Actually, is since last week.. XD But today it's the most extreme!! Coz, I got to chat with HIM!! It's like HIM! YOU KNOW?? HIM!! LOL~ ok you donno.. I know can le.. =D


We are having a BIG MASS CONVO with a soccer team (11 People) over on the other side..

And we were having so much fun teasing those two lovely birds~ XDD

Aww their story is soooooooooo sweeet!!!!!!!!!!!! *envious*

I hope good thing will come out from them ne~

Then my friend helped me to get "him" up to chat with me.




It's like very late in the place over in Japan already, and he is still yasashii enough to purposely come up and chat with me..

He greeted me and introduced himself. But I didn't reply at first, because I was too shocked to.. But my friends keep calling me up to chat with him.. Aww I feel so bad.. But I was really not in the right state of mind.. =(

Then he called for me, then ask me if I am alright.

But I said I don't know.. XD

Then he said he heard that I said he didn't chat with me moments ago, so he purposely came up and chat to me.. *DEAD TOTAL DEAD*

Then I said sorry I was just joking. I seriously didn't think he will take this for serious and purposely come up and talk to me. Because, I am just such a small person on this world, and he actually cared for me. Okies I am imagining, crap I am just a nobody to anyone. LOL

He said he heard that I like him, and is happy. He continued asking what I am doing.

I said I was just chatting..

He asked for my birthdate, so I replied 30th Dec..

He says he got it. Then because it's really late over there and he had to wake up early tomorrow, so he had to go sleep.

I said Sorry for making him come up.

He said It's okie, and he is really happy.

So I said I was happy too, and thanked him for this.

he said welcome, and he greeted goodbye and left..

P.S/ He said he will try and come up to chat with me if he has the time..


He actually told my friend that he is not used to me being like this, I mean quiet.. Because my friend told him I am a very High person and he was a bit shocked that I was behaving like this so he asked me if I am alright. OMG SUCH A YASASHII GUY!!! *Hearts*

Okies I shall be crazy next time I talk to him. He asked me to get high, don't be shy~

Okies I will!!


Love ya~


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