nah » me too.. =(
sky » miss you
nah » ya lor I waiting for the pics leh.. T___T
yunix » lol yea we look cut and paste! LOL.. i haven up the pics yet hoho
nah » haha ya the plot actually suck lor.. they never continue from the drama one.. =.=lll and maki is like just ke chuan lor.. =.=;;;
jc » yamapi~~ ya, i agree the plot not so nice leh..and maki-chan got so little lines and jing tou(s)!!!! not gd ):
nah » haha my jie fu treat.. LO~ we 5 person ate 134 I think..
yunix » omg sun with moon?? bu shi very ex?? DDD=
nah » chrom_ryosuk3>> hello~~
Chr0m3_Ry0suk3 » .................
Chr0m3_Ry0suk3 » elow!~
nah » haha finally huh, after so long.. XD
yunix » tagged you!
nah » ya la! even such a LQ pic can also see how nice his legs are leh u see!! OMG.. LOL~ ya lor KK 29 yrs liao but look and feel like 19 yrs old.. LOL~
ShoJo » omg. his legs really nice la. >.<*envy* haha~ yea and i cant believe KK reaching 30 yo already xD So FAST!
nah » hahaha okok soon soon.. lazy now.. XDD
yunix » spiderwebs~
nah » haha yeah i am fujiwara-ed.. XDD but SUPER SAD today tudou was maintaining their site so cant access.. T_T tatsuya chan~~~ yeah yeah go watch sexy voice.. XDD yeah hey! say! open hse 08 ne~~
yunix » are are~~ XDD you fujiwara-ed ne~ ohh ? nice drama? i go watch~ XDD lol come your blog listen to heysay! natsukashi~~
nah » XDD JAPAN~~~
shalyn » YEAH JAPN JAPAN!!
shalyn » YEAH JAPN JAPAN!!
nah » haha yea L is superrrrrrr cute!! XD
Sharon » Yes! I love L too! He is just so so so cute. And I love the movie too.
nah » haha yeah i finished suffering le!! let's go out after u "suffered"!!! i apply the school first, faulty of arts and social sciences.. hehe i wanna go japanese studies major and take another minor ba..
yunix » muahha i still have to suffer until 8thmarch lol.. actually until 6 march lol NUS u apply wad course?
nah » =P like this lor..
killerboi » long time no chat le hows life? hahas
nah » hai nvm lor..
yunix » i realised.. then.. just after i reply my mei reminded me that she booked me like looonnnggg longg ago.. gomen gomen!
nah » =( i also got book u at ur blog.. T_T
yunix » >< paiseh i watched le. yesterday. lol.. coz my mei booked me 1st. gomen gomen..
nah » hahaha ya sometimes u press enter 2 times after u type the code then will appear two time etc.. =P I WANNA GO OUT TOO!! ahh~ my exams finish 27th feb.. T_T I WANNA WATCH L MOVIE!!
yunix » erm, i din want to spam.. =/ dunno why two comments
yunix » WHEN ARE YOU FREE?!?! LOL we need to go out
yunix » WHEN ARE YOU FREE?!?! LOL we need to go out
nah » is say! hey hey hey hey hey hey hey (7 heys).. LOLX.. and yeah *wants to have fun with them again*
yunix » where got~~ 8 heys ma... ` yea happy that got talk wif em too ahaha and really had fun =D
nah » u had one extra hey! XDD jkjk~ yeah i missed those days as well as the 3 days last week.. T_T actually nv go ajitei also not bad, got to talk a lot with jh and bryan.. =P
yunix » heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey SAY!! miss those days and jmd already...
nah » haha yes~
Xinhui » is it Koichi's bdae ytd??(1st Jan)
nah » hahaha =) me too.. XDD + =X.. haha~
xuannie » haha..cuz i'm a stalker who reads ppl's blog when i'm free. hahaha XD
nah » xuan, lol can i call u this.. thanks!! haha if i got time will talk to u de.. now so much projects to rush.. T_T i keep thinking no one read this blog.. haha.. bro, ok i will do.. LOL
tyz » Do yr homework hor... xD
xuannie » don't be emo!!! hope u feel better soon!!!!!this kind of ting of feeling come n go one....really hope u feel better...can talk to me abt it oso...we don't have to toking abt fangirling stuffs only..
nah » to sha, yeah~~ let's think of the japan trip!! to tyz, eh hi~ =)
tyz » er..HI. LOL ^^V
shalynn » Yeah!! I dont realli bother about those people.. since when do i care? LOL.. Ganbatte ne!! and we will survive.. loll
shalynn » Yeah!! I dont realli bother about those people.. since when do i care? LOL.. Ganbatte ne!! and we will survive.. loll
nah » hmm if i nv remember wrongly, should be around 60++ because the shipping itself cost ard 20++
love-koichi :) » hey just wanted to ask, how much did you order the kinki kids score book for?? i absolutely love them and je too (:
nah » haha ya i love the crepes!! the ingredients give very generously too!! i wanna try ALL the flavours!! XD haha nvm la if got fate i can get it one, XD i mean mag.. like hw i accidentally met the CREPES
xuannie » hoho~~~ so u really go try the cine one ah..nice rite?XDXD..i ate 2 the other time..keke...kino definitely will bring in more magazines..anyway i found duet at bugis..u can try other kino outlets?
nah » XD hahaha ya i read ur blog le.. Lolx..
yunix » lol unfried tofu XD baka me forgot to post my entry before i turned off the comp for dinner lol
nah » u mean their song title? it's Ultra Music Power. =)
ryuutaro-kun » hey, fellas! i just drop by here... is anyone knows about hey!say!jump? in UMP, do you know what's the title of they're open. song? me... arigatou guzaimasu to all!!!
nah » haha ya expected they will lip-sing, and i think only yabu's J.U.M.P JUMP was live singing coz it sounds weird from the whole song.. LOL!
xuannie » yoyo here to tag..haha! i can't wait for the pv too!!! and the single..but i tink they are actually lip syncing in this live..a bit disappointing but well~~ me too k?! i linked you lei!
nah » haha but then when i know KinKi that time, they already debuted like 3 years.. haha~ and i couldn't collect all their singles.. =(
xinhui » okay... that's long consider fangirling... lol... i just start this yr.... T_T.. i so envy those who start fangirling at 11/ like they get to like them sooo long.... ^^
nah » LOL ya i started fangirling even earlier than u i guess, i started like 11 years old.. Lolx..
xinhui » that's great.. but i dunno if my mum would allow me to buy things online at this age.. i think she would say:wait until you 21 then say lah.. lol =XX
nah » hehe yup 158 songs and 24 more songs which are in piano score.. =) yup last time my mum also don't allow me, but now i am older le than can a bit.. XD
xinhui » nice kinki score bk... lol...158 songs right?? cool.. my mum dun allow me buy anything online.. that's why i want order also cannot
nah » really ar, nice? cheap? i wanna try those crispy ones.. XDD haha always see them eat in tv so damn nice like that.. XD
xuannie » yoho! I'm here to tag.... the japanese crepes looks delicious...there's one place selling crepes art cine basement too...
nah » XD but i find it a bit hard to bite.. the tontoro.. XD i still love the cheese!! haha see if they have the so called INITIATIVE to do so. =)
yunix » TONTORO IS NICE ~ whee~ ahaha delay delay delay... ~ its weds alrdy.. hope at least will have a discussion online soon
rainbow » hi cum here n shop now n dun forget to link me!
nah » hi xinhui! i'm in singapore too!! XD i love yamachan too! XDD
xinhui » hi.. i'm a fan of JE too!! HSJ and HS7... yamada is very very cute right?? ^^ i'm in s'pore.. you??
xinhui » hi.. i'm a fan of JE too!! HSJ and HS7... yamada is very very cute right?? ^^ i'm in s'pore.. you??
nah » LOl.. no choice ma.. it's a fact, gonna accept. =D
yunix » nah, pls dun say stuff like this abt yourself! >< and ouch for yr wallet.. lol two consec kbox outings and all..
nah » oh.. i actually used the blog's layout, but i change some of the things like the header pic and the profile section.. =) my email is :
lime » hi!i'm lime. i want 2 ask bout how to create layout like urs. may i hv ur emel addrs? Thanx
nah » oh singapore. =)
belly* » where are you from ?
nah » haha i got buy leh.. =X
jc » stef album out liao rite.. heh. saw the big version super ex!! $55.90.. heh.. enjoy another 2 wks of holidays! =)
nah » haahha sj got link meh.. Lolx..
_sh|J|n-` » Wo YI ran hai zai deng dai, deng dai ni de ai hui hui la~~ WO MENG DE AI~ ahah~ Guo le jiu bu zai hui lai~~ lols
nah » haha yeah.. hope u enjoyed the clips over there.. lolx.. there's just too many..
Sk » haha ya, i tot if u wanted to reply u cld send to my mail... ok thks.. im addicted to youtube now
nah » hello SK, yeah i am from NYP.. =) u can watch them on youtube.. =D there's tonnes of clips there.. hehe.. is that your msn mail?
nah » 4th sis, haha yeah.. tank tank!! so funny la that dream. color blind.. *wondersifistrue* his songs rulz!! =D haha ya the toilet also funny.. =D recently they hugged again.. XDD
Sk » Hey u're from NYP too? I was serching bout Tsuyoshi n I came to ur page.. Wat a coincidence.. oh btw where do u go to watch all those DB clips? <>
ShoJo » haha~ the tank entry so funny la. haha.. btw i like tank too.. his songs so nice! the part when u ask "what colour mrt line" is so xDDDDDD kk toilet entry oso cute!! haha~ ganbatte for exams !!
nah » haha yeah.. =DD
ender » suddenly come back...and saw some tsuyoshi entries...
nah » haha got.. but recently very very very busy.. (-_-ll)
ender » no more... tsuyo rabu rabu ?
jovelyn » nice blog..
nah » XD thanks~
Melissa » just blog hoppin... Kool blog love the layout